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Ratosonic offers the best solution for removal of rats and mice from your surroundings. The Ratosonic Ultrasonic Rat Repeller equipment is designed to offer you maximum protection from rodents like rats and mice with minimum effort. It uses ultrasonic sound waves that induce stress in the rats and in effect, create a hostile environment for them. This prevents the rats from entering those places where the equipment is placed.


The Repeller is the product of Power Electro Products, which started as a small scale Research & Development Company serving CCTV cameras and computer networking for other companies in the year 2005. The idea of Rat Repeller was formed when the company saw many of their networking and camera cables being attacked by rats on a regular basis, calling for regular servicing. This led to the setting up of a small unit under the leadership of
Mr. Ranjith R Pillai in 2009, with the help of PMEGP
(http://www.kviconline.gov.in/pmegp/pmegpweb/). The unit grew and in the next 5 years became one of the major providers of Rat Repeller machines across India.

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Ratosonic – Rat Repellent Machine Suppliers Kochi

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