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Give your Home the best rodent protection ever

Ward-off rats & mice from your vicinity

Advantages of Using Ratosonic at Home
  • 2yr Replacement Guarantee
  • Pollution Free
  • Non-Toxic, Environment Friendly
  • 100% Safe, No Side Effects
  • Does not call for killing & decomposing the rat
  • Protects you from the disease causing parasites that pose a health risk to pets & people at home

Ratosonic makes your home, rodent free! With its high frequency sound waves, it drives away the rodents within days of installing the device. As a non-toxic form of rodent control, Ratosonic is safe for use indoors, around people, children & pets. Besides diseases, it also gets rid of the mess and damage created by these rodents.

Rats in homes can create havoc with disease and infestation. They can be a cause of damage to property & furniture. In such a scenario, machines like Ratosonic become indispensable. Priced as low as Rs. 1999/-, Ratosonic Ultrasonic Rat Repeller for home is adept at driving away all kinds of small rodents like house mouse, deer mouse, norway rats, gophers, moles etc. by causing auditory stress in them. It provides protection for area coverage of 100-150 Sq.Ft.

1,999 INR

Rodents can be a cause of worry for most of us. With diseases caused by rodents like rats and mice on the rise, it becomes necessary to protect every small space of our home and small shop from these. Some of the diseases carried by rodents include Bubonic plague, Salmonella, Rat-bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Tapeworms, Murine Typhus, Rat-bite Fever.

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Ratosonic makes your
home, completely
rodent free!


Rats residing in the garage
can be a big concern for car owners !

Shops & Industries

Presence of rodents inside shops & other business establishment is totally unwelcome !

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces

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Ratosonic – Rat Repellent Machine Suppliers Kochi

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