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Advantages of Using Ratosonic Ultrasonic Rat Repeller
  • 2yr Replacement Guarantee
  • Complete protection from rodents for an area of 1000 Sq Ft
  • Reduced rodent activity in as little as 10 Days
  • Much less cost compared to the costs incurred in damages
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Pollution free & Easy to Mount
  • Energy Efficient, it does not consume power from the car battery

Rats residing in the garage can be a big concern for car owners. They have to witness broken wires, chewed up plastic and damaged interiors on a daily basis. No amount of repairing or cleaning up can effectively stop the rats from showing up again. In such a scenario, the best bet is to install a device that can prevent the rats or mice from entering the garage or its periphery.

Expensive cars are the key casualty when the rats strike. It is mainly because of the flavored coating of the car engine wires that attract these rodents to bite and shred them to pieces. Damage caused is immense and so are the costs incurred. Ratosonic Rat Repeller device for the garage keeps rodents at bay by providing a per square feet coverage of 500-750 at a cost of Rs. 3, 900/-.

Rs 4800 + GST @ 18%

How to Mount

Ratosonic Rat Repeller for Cars can be plugged into the car garage. The rat repeller is placed inside the car porch to ward off the rats and mice. It can also be mounted on a wall corner 3 to 10 feet off the floor. It is usually placed pointing to the area to be protected.

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Rats residing in the garage
can be a big concern for car owners !

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