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Ratosonic - Rat Repellent Machine Suppliers

Ratosonic offers the best solution for removal of rats and mice from your surroundings


Ratosonic makes your
home, completely
rodent free!


Rats residing in the garage
can be a big concern for car owners !

Shops & Industries

Presence of rodents inside shops & other business establishment is totally unwelcome !

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces

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Ratosonic Rat Repeller Equipment is focused on providing you a rodent free and safe place, wherever you are.

The high power device works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves to create an environment that is hostile to rodents.

The high frequency sound induces auditory stress in rodents & drives them away. This sound is inaudible to humans and pets, making it the best option for homes, offices, shops & industry.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Protection for Larger Spaces

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Our Proud Clients

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Why Ratosonic Rat Repeller

Experience reduced rodent activity in just 15 days!

Rats or Mice can be a cause of worry to humans. They are the carriers of many infectious diseases like Bubonic Plague. Bubonic Plague , also known as Black Death is caused by bacterium, Yersinia pestis, that is commonly found on rodents like rats, squirrels, prairie dogs etc. As per National Ag Safety Database, Rodents are vectors and reservoirs of more than 70 different diseases like Hantavirus; Leptospirosis; Rat Typhus (rickettsia); Neuro- Angiostrongyliasis etc.

Besides causing deadly diseases, Rats are also known for the destruction they cause inside homes, offices, shops, industries and even vehicles. In industries, rats and mice can disrupt the smooth functioning of workforce by causing damage to machinery, documents and valuables. It also makes the place dirty and unhygienic. Not just homes and workplace, rodents can sneak into your car engine and chew away expensive wires!

How it Works

View the video and get to know how Ratasonic works for you

Common Rodents

Found in Your Vicinity

House Mouse
House Mouse
Deer Mouse
Norway Rats
Norway Rats
Roof Rats
Roof Rats
Wood Rats
Wood Rats

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Ratosonic – Rat Repellent Machine Suppliers Kochi

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